I can't connect to Atlas - Run test fail always

At here https://university.mongodb.com/mercury/M001/2021_April_6/chapter/Chapter_1_What_is_MongoDB_/lesson/5f32dec404e9ffc0285d7076/problem

I’ve my own Cluster. I don’t know what I can put in this insane box! Always say Try again

Hi @Felipe_Fernandez and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

I can’t access this link sadly, but usually connection issues with Atlas come from user/password or IP access list.

Can you please make sure that the user/password you are using are correct and that your current IP address is in the IP access list?


It should clearly say that your IP address is in the list:



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Thanks Maxime.
The problem is not the connection. I can connect from my local shell and my compass app. The problem is what is the response to the lab’s question?. I try several with not good result

I don’t have access to this link :weary:.

Can you please explain the question or share some screenshots because I’m blind here.

I have been taking the M001 course. Basic introduction to mongodb (my first approximation). I had already created a cluster and I have used it to do the practices. The problem is that the connection string is not the same (obviously) as what the question expects. I need to know what I have to put there in order to finish the course.
I have Compass installed on my Linux and I connect perfectly. Also from my shell.
I just need to know what the course expects that I don’t put in that box

Ok, I’m trying the same thing.

Apparently in the previous lab, you had to create an Atlas project and a cluster named “Sandbox”. They also made you allow all the IP addresses ( so this online shell could also connect.

You then had to create a user “m001-student” with the password “m001-mongodb-basics”.

I used one of my existing free cluster so it’s not names correctly but this is what I did:

Then I typed my password.

I got a lot of logs but I got connected successfully at the end.

Then I clicked the “Run Test” button.

It’s failing for me because I got the name wrong and I didn’t create the user but… Looks like it would work if I had this right.


Does that help?


Can I change the cluster name?

No, because it’s part of the connection string and the DNS server config.

You can create another Project in your Atlas Org though and create a new Free Tier cluster.

Or you can simply terminate this one and recreate a new one with another name in the same Atlas project.

You cannot create a second free tier cluster within the same Atlas Project though. But you can definitely create as many Projects as you want…



I’ve recreated totally and works. Thanks


Hi @Felipe_Fernandez,

We are glad that it worked. :clap:

Reach out to us if you have any questions/doubts or stuck somewhere with the lab.
We will be happy to help.

Good luck with the rest of the course.


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