I can't answer the exam questions because I can't find the databases

Hello dears:
I can’t answer the exam questions because I can’t find the databases, from where I can download the needed database in order to be able to answer the final exam questions?

What is the name of the database? And what is the question?

DB Name:

Final Exam: Question 1


DB Name:

Chapter 3: Deeper Dive into the MongoDB Query Language
Challenge Problem: Single Value in an Array of Integers


I think we have an issue in general, because I faced a lot of issues regarding the data which I loaded as sample when I created MongoDB Atlas cluster, and I can’t find any source for course data

You should be able to find the collection trips in the database citybike on the M001 shared cluster.

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And how can I access M001 cluster? I can’t find it and the course didn’t mention how to load this database

Please revise Lab 1.1: Install Compass and Connect.


Thanks, it is working fine