I cannot even get the c driver to build

All I get, no matter which tutorial, are instructions that fail- often with mongoc_etc_etc already defined in… linker errors when I try to build. So, I cannot get past the c-driver to even build the cxx driver.

None of the instructions are clear.

Is there an actual working tutorial anywhere that works on windows and isn’t missing steps or stating to run cmake in the wrong folder or explains why, after running the overall cmakelists that running the build always has linker already defined errors and doesn’t even build?

I would like to use realm because it is open source, but I’m reaching the point where I might need to find an alternative. All I need is a cpp lib/dll. This is extraordinarily obtuse.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Lee_Wood

As I understand, you are having trouble building C driver and using it on windows. Can you share the steps you are following and the error you are getting?