I can’t complete the lab at the end of Chapter One -

I have already done all course, except the Lab at end od Chapter One.
Netwoork Access =
Database Access = m001-student / m001-mongodb-basics
I have done the connection with: mongo “mongodb+srv://sandbox.rz04v.mongodb.net/sample_training” --username m001-student
It was done correctly
I’ve done the “Run Test” and reply >Run Test
But when I press “Conclusion”, there is a Remaining Sections => Chapter 1: What is MongoDB?

What’ve I done wrong? I could not conclude the course because of this.

You should run test when connected to your cluster

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Hey @Luciaaf,

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After you are connected with your cluster, click on the “Run Test” Button. You should see the following for this lab to be considered passed:

Let us know if facing any problems with this. Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.



Hi luciaaf

Check if the terminal show some errors, it gives you a clue if something goes wrong


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Thanks for your answer.
The problem was solved. Was a hardware problem.
Thanks again.