I can not fill the quiz

Why I am not able to fill the quiz in https://university.mongodb.com/mercury/M121/2018_October/chapter/Chapter_1_Basic_Aggregation_-_match_and_project/lesson/5970d8b78cf2c5580eef7d8b/tab/5970d8e097d14c8357729611 Form fields are disabled.


That’s because the exam is due. You will have to wait until the next session, which starts next Tuesday.

José Carlos

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Why? It make no sense for me. I have no time to keep your terms

Basically, they are simulating a normal classroom setup for their students. You get a certain amount of materials to study each session, followed by a certain amount of homework that is due before a certain deadline. Like in real college you can’t work ahead, because the homework for the next session hasn’t been posted yet.

It’d be cool if there was some blog post or article from MongoU explaining why they chose this particular approach. I would assume that it has something to do with making things achievable for their students (by allowing them to take multiple weeks for a course), while at the same time ensuring that students cannot simply brute-force the course to get the final certificate within half an hour of time.

If they did not pace students, it would be a matter of days before people start posting all the lab codes and the exam answers online, which would allow anyone to simply enter all the codes and answers to get the “certificate” quickly.