I am unable to connect to the cluster

MongoServerSelectionError: read ECONNRESET. It looks like this is a MongoDB Atlas cluster. Please ensure that your Network Access List allows connections from your IP.

Hi @Nithin_Reddy_Nagapur and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

Could you confirm if you have performed the needed steps to whitelist the IPs in your Atlas cluster.
You can follow the procedure to Add Your Connection IP Address to Your IP Access List and let us know if the issue still persists.
If after performing the above steps you are sill seeing the similar error, could you help us with the following information:

  1. The Atlas Tier you are on
  2. Steps which you have followed which made you land on the above error message.
  3. Are you using a VPN servers?
  4. The client (failing to connect) environment details (e.g. Driver, Driver version, MongoDB Compass, Operating system details).
  5. The results of the network tests as mentioned in the following post (but for your own cluster) from the client attempting to connect.


I’m new to this MongoDB. I am trying to create the Atlas cluster repeatedly. But the error is coming. So, please clear this issue.


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