I am unable to answer the questions for Lab: Diagnosing unknown issues

Hi, David,

For the Lab: Diagnosing unknown issues in Chapter 4: Connectivity, I was unable to check the answer I have had in my mind. It seemed that I have already submitted my answer because the Grade for this lab is FAIL (in red). But the status is “Not Submitted”.

What should I do for this lab?


Was the lab perhaps part of last week’s chapters? That would explain what you’re seeing.

@ renlongxia

As indicated in the Courseware listings, the final time to submit this work for credit was

Oct 30, 17:00 GMT

So if you did not submit it before that date and time, then you cannot submit it later. Once the cutoff date is past, the system will not accept any answers. Sorry.

If you thought you did submit it, but it was not (for some reason) recorded, then post back here and I’ll see if we have any record of that. Good luck.

That makes sense. Thank you.