I´am stuck in Ticket:user-Management-login jwt

Hi! I still stock in login user, Im not finish to understand what Im doing wrong this is my code…

so…what I think to know is that a jwt generates a token from a password provided…so I tried
$set:{password:jwt} also I tried $set:{ jwt } …but Im setting the value jwt of the object “sessions”. Do Im right?
so in that case…why the test fails? I hope been specific enough.
Thanks in advance.

The upsert should be in the update document

thanks! I pass the test but the status is “User Management: invalid response to register”

you’d need to show code, but the upsert is the only thing you need to add for the login method

yes I think that I have issues with the add User implementation…I’m reading others post about it…to see if I can find some clue of what is going on…

That one took me a minute.
Don’t forget the writeConcern (also part of the document).
Also I accessed each property of userInfo specifically, though you may not need to.