I am Heba from Egypt

Hi everyone,

I am Heba and I am a Tech Lead, Technical Content Writer, and Data Scientist. I heard about MongoDB a year ago during my data science learning journey. :herb:

I am glad to join the community and hope to share knowledge and gain motivation for further growth in my career.


:wave: Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Heba_Ahmed – great to see you here!

What data science tools or libraries are you using with MongoDB? We don’t have a specific forum category for data science (yet!) but I suspect there could be much more discussion around tools, analysis, and use cases.


Thanks, @Stennie for your reply. I agree with you that there is a lot to be discussed around data extraction, data quality, analyzing, and visualizing data.
Currently, I am practicing data wrangling with MongoDB, I am using pymongo, Mongo Compass, and Atlas.

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