I am almost there with database connection

Working on (having struggles, but that’s growth right?) getting the cluster connected to the frontend. I am connected to it on MongoDB compass, in the mongosh of the same application in VSCode, that we’re working on I can look up in a query both Shaun and I in the user collection of the mentalHealthApp database that I have created in the cluster, I can look up the same query in MongoDB compass, I just have to get it able to be read from the frontend client. I am missing something, but it is NOT the excitement of the oncoming breakthrough, DO Y’all SEE HOW CLOSE I AM!? :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :eyes:
Keep an eye out, I’ll have it connected in no time.
Also, I finally made it past chapter 4 in MongoDB university :green_book:
Chapter 5 I am learning all about Indexing and the aggregation Pipeline as well as how tp properly utilize methods such as skip(), sort() and limit() …:lab_coat:
Come on connection string let’s go get back to work. I’m gonna make you wish I never gave you an instance.

Just an update on my journey through this world. I am loving the challenge and see some light occuring. Thanks for any and all help I have received.
@webchick @Stennie and others, thanks for the encouragement!

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