Http://localhost:5000/status not return page

when execute this url: http://localhost:5000/status not load any page.

I’ve replaced the “main.772d1286.js” by “main.9cd550cb.js” and worked. I think that there are differences in builds used on exercise and downloaded in the zip-file.

Maybe you can try this to fix the problem.

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hi nayamama,

I haven’t the file mail.772d1296.js :confused:


Hi, becavas,

The original post is here. I do not have this issue. So I did not try it by myself. But I guess you need to change the file name from 9cdxxx to 772d1286.js.

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Hi becavas,

The issue has been fixed. You need to re-download the handouts and you can copy the js file from there. Unzip the downloaded folder and copy the index.html and static files.

mflix-python$ cp ~/Downloads/mflix-python/mflix/build/index.html mflix/build/
mflix-python$  rm -rf mflix/build/static/
mflix-python$ cp -R ~/Downloads/mflix-python/mflix/build/static mflix/build/static

It will solve the issue. Also, if you have multiple tests file like ending with ~BETA etc. Copy those files too:

  mflix-python$ rm -rf tests/
  mflix-python$ cp -R ~/Downloads/mflix-python/tests/ tests/

Thanks, Kanika

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thanks !!

Problema resuelto :slight_smile: