How would you model this database?

I am currently taking M320, and obviously as I am following the syllabus I have in mind the first database I need to design in MongoDB.

See image below, where I’m showing 2 different simplified schemas for the same database.

The database is for an e-commerce store. The orders collection holds the order data. The products collection holds the product catalog data, which gets copied to the products_ordered collection representing products ordered by a customer.

Users of the app will regularly be viewing orders and therefore for this use case it makes sense to go with scenario A, and have everything related to a given order be in a single document.

However users of the app will also regularly need to view all products that are on any unfulfilled order, and for this use case I feel like scenario B is better.

In the end, I believe scenario B would be better because I think that in cases where a single order is viewed, it would be pretty quick to query the products for that order from the products_ordered collection, whereas in the case when all products are viewed at once, scenario B would be significantly faster than scenario A.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you.

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Noted, thank you.