How to work with mongosh separately in our system while connecting to Atlas cluster from the shell

I want to know how to work with the shell locally in our system connecting to the databases in Atlas cluster. Exactly like the instructor is showing demo for import, export commands , where to execute them>?

Hi @Yaswanth_Naga_Varma_Raju_Kakarlapudi,

Visit your MongoDB Atlas Cluster Webpage, click on Command-Line Tools

Then copy your mongodump and mongorestore query to export the contents of a database

You can paste these commands in your terminal/cmd and perform the operation.

I hope this helps!


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can you please tell which terminal? I have used mongosh in compass but didn’t get anything, getting errors

Try it in your IDE terminal
If you have mongosh and mongotools installed on your local host you can try from there also
mongoexport,mongoimport are run from os prompt ($,# etc for Unix) and at (C:\ ) cmd prompt for Windows