How to use Sentry in mongodb scheduled trigger


I am using Mongodb triggers for running some periodic jobs. In order to collect the errors I want to send them to Sentry by using its SDK on Nodejs:

exports = async function() {
const Sentry = require('@sentry/node');
const SentryTracing = require("@sentry/tracing")
  Sentry.init(); // or using Sentry.init({ dsn: "something" }) does not make any difference.

And I get am getting this error with no stack trace:

> error: 
{"message":"Value is not an object: undefined","name":"TypeError"}

Any help or clue is appreciated.

Hi @Poorshad_Shaddel and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

I think you are looking for this doc.

I never touched that part so I can’t really help much but there is some stuff to test I guess.


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Thanks @MaBeuLux88 !

I will give it a try.

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