How to use a blockchain API with MongoDB

I have almost no Idea of coding or working with databases, but I really want to build an analysis tool which gets historical data from a blockchain (Ethereum). Users should be able to get customized charts for their queries on my website. Focus is on NFT analaysis. Is it necessary to build a database? Or is it enough to code sth. that makes a “live” get query and loads the data on the go by the access to the API of Ethereum? In other words do I need to use storage for such a tool or can I build an analatysis tool which lives by asking the blockchain on-demand?

Has anyone a clue how to get started here? Which MongoDB tools do I need for such a project?

I know my question is really vague, but I hope someone has a clue here. Anything here is helpful. Even basic tips to how to set up a database project on MongoDB (that’s already a struggle)

Thanks a Lot

Hi @Marcel_Ohrenschall ,

It sounds like you should consider MongoDB Atlas as your backend, weather you use the Clusters or the Data Lake:

You should be able to utilise either a Realm backend (functions, triggers) or a server (functions) hosted somewhere using to grab your Ethereum data (I presume via an HTTP API or a client) get the data into json documents and load them into MongoDB Atlas via a Realm function/ Driver (bulk loads) or new Data API (still in preview).

Once the documents are inside a MongoDB Cluster or Data Lake you can build a website and use MongoDB Charts to form live charting as well as embed those charts.