How to skip tests in same file?

In Chapter 1, while following along the video and going through the tests, it appears that the instructor uses the same command when testing Callbacks and then when testing Promises. I can’t see any difference in the command. In the test file, there are 3 tests. And in each case, the instructor is skipping 2 of the tests. How does one go about doing this?

Edit: I should note that it appears that the other tests are not commented out in the file…looking at the small preview box in the upper right-hand side (Visual Studio Code?), that none of the tests are commented out. I realize that I could skip the other tests by doing so, but if there is a way of skipping with commented out, I’d love to learn how this is done.

Thank you

adding an ‘x’ before ‘test’, like ‘xtest’ will skip that test. You can also do the inverse by adding ‘.only’ to tests you do want to run. Like ‘test.only’

I have the same question. In Chapter 2, lecture “Basic Write”, the instructor show the result of “npm -t test basic-writes”, we can tell the output has the following result:

Test Suites: 1 passed, 1 total
Tests: 2 skipped, 1 passed, 3 total

When I run exactly the same command, “npm -t test basic-writes”, I have the following output:

Test Suites: 1 passed, 1 total
Tests: 3 passed, 3 total

Why we have such difference with the same command and how I can skip any test just like instructor does?

Need to learn. Help needed. (I do not understand ‘xtest’ or ‘test.only’ by [alla_yakubova] because the instructor did not use xtest or test.only. The instructor used the same command as I did. Is there something modified inside the code?