How to set up path to validate m320 from windows power shell

m320_validate does not exist or a valid command. I have set the path as C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\4.2\bin. I don’t see m320 folder. How to setup

Hi @Ram_94949, you need to download the validate_320 file and save it somewhere. Then use command prompt (not Power Shell) to call/execute the file from within the location it was saved.

Suggest you follow the instructions here:

I am not sure but seems you are confuse with MongoDB setup itself.
But this validator is an exe so just need to download it (for your environment) from the links in the chapter and run it using command line or Power Shell.
For Example if you have your exe in directory : C:\Users\guest\Desktop\M320
then cmd will be like : C:\Users\guest\Desktop\M320> validate_m320

Hope this helps.
All the best!!

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Thank you, It worked

got it,
Thanks a lot!

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Thanks alot.
I have put .exe file in window-10 desktop and work for me now.image