How To Send a Private Message

David - I wanted to send a private message to you with some code for the Chapter 4. I found you in the Moderator’s group, but I’m not allowed to use that to talk to you. Is there another way?


oops - Chapter 4 Multiple Facets Lab…


I really don’t suggest or encourage students doing that, as it depends on my getting back to them specifically – I’m not available all the time, and I worry that in such case you’re really depending on my specific response, not on the whole student community.

I’d recommend trying to re-work your question (I assume) into a more
general form and posting here in the Forum. You’re more likely to get timely help than with a private message.

That said, I have to agree that the whole $facets set of lectures and exercises is not well-structured at this point, and if you have a comment or an improvement, I’d suggest using the “Report an issue” tab on the bottom of the page to push this directly to the curriculum team. HTH. Good luck.

Thanks, David - I wasn’t sure I could structure the question generally without giving away an answer to the Multiple Facets lab, which I wanted to hit just you.

Basically, I got the answer two ways - the first using facets, but the second using a simple $match statement. I figured if I mentioned being able solve the lab using $match instead of $facet, I might giv away the lab.

The pipeline for $match was:

$match: { metacritic: {$gte: 90}, “imdb.rating”: {$gte: 9}}

Since the lab only wanted a count, this did it, since it returned “The Godfather” with a metacritic of 100, and an imdb.rating of 9.2.

I will also try to send this to the curriculum team as you suggested.

Thanks again.


Well, it does show you the result, but figuring out the answer requires your analysis of the output, correct? So if you just wanted to get the answer and not have to analyze the results then I think you need to use $facets. But maybe not – I didn’t spend any time trying to simplify this to only return a single top result, but I think you can do it. Good work.