How to run validation script on a different port

I would like to run validation script on a different port. Could you please tell me how

You mean you wan’t to run validation script for mongod running on a different port?
You have to follow your lab requirements and use specified port only
Otherwise validation script will fail
Also it needs to be run on Vagrant box only

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Hi Ramachandra,

In real world I may not be using the same port always. So if you could please tell me how to run the validation script on a different port, that will be great. Also I am running it on the vagrant box.


Unfortunately the validation scripts cannot be altered nor can the requirements change. As a result
if you don’t run them on the ports as per the requirements, it will fail validation (like @Ramachandra_37567 advised).

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The purpose to have validation scripts to require specific ports is to verify that you understand and can use --port command line argument and the net.port configuration parameter.

Adding the possibility to run the scripts at different ports will just augment the amount of information that needs to be given to student. Specify ports for mongo, mongod and mongos is already overwhelming for some. Keeping it simple is best.

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Hi @Harpreet_53505,

I hope you found @Ramachandra_37567’s, @007_jb’s and @steevej-1495’s response helpful.

It’s not possible to alter the validation script. You will have to follow the requirements mentioned in the lab in order to pass the lab.

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham

Hi All,

Thank you everyone for your responses. I was trying to learn how this could be done to support my learning. I wasn’t strictly speaking to pass the lab. I was hoping if one of you could explain it then that would have been great. And I do understand that it gets overwhelming to provide all that information in the course material, therefore I resorted to discussion forum. If you still think you can’t provide that information then that is fine but if you could then I will appreciate it.

Either ways thank you all for your help and support!


@Harpreet_53505, I don’t how else four of us can further explain that validation scripts are compiled scripts that can’t be altered. The validation scripts are primarily used for marking labs and are solely owned by MongoDB University, as a result course takers/students have no access to the code.

In general, you can specify the port of any mongod server by using the --port option which was discussed in the lectures and you can look this up in the documentation.

If you feel that we’re misunderstanding your query, then feel free to rephrase/clarify.

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ok. Apology if I offended you.