How to report urgent Realm Cloud operational issues

The previous forums had a pinned topic How to report Realm Cloud operational issues. Is this still the proper way to report operational issues?

I reported an urgent issue hours ago, making our service entirely unusable (issue # 5847), and I am still waiting to hear back.

I know we are on the standard $30 plan, but when we were selecting technology, you had, and a $200 Pro plan that we wanted to go for, and a self-hosting option that we considered a safety net. By the time we were ready, you had taken these two options away…

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Yes, creating a support ticket is still the proper way to report operational issues for the Standard Realm Cloud plan.

The Standard $30 plan does not currently include a support SLA, but you can contact to discuss options for a support plan.

I see that our support team is already investigating the issue you raised earlier today.