How to pause the mongo output to see the header

How to pause the mongo output to see the header. It runs fast as I am unable to see the first line. can see only the tail end, eg. rs.status()
This is in Vagrant.
I know i can redirect to text file and see the contents. Its kind of round about/workaround. I am looking for some thing like below to see directly on screen.

cat xyz.txt | less
more abc.log

For find queries mongodb already has a built in cursor which displays 20 docs
You have to type it(iteration) for more results

Are you not able to scroll back for rs.status() to see header?
May be you can try --eval

mongo --quiet --eval ‘query’ | less

mongo localhost:27017/local --eval “db.startup_log.find()”
MongoDB shell version v4.0.5
connecting to: mongodb://localhost:27017/local?gssapiServiceName=mongodb

arget_arch" : “x86_64”, “target_os” : “windows” }, “bits” : 64, “debug” : false, “maxBsonObjectSize” : 16777216, “storageEngines” : [ “devnull”, “ephemeralForTest”, “mmapv1”, “wiredTiger” ] } }
Type “it” for more

Vagrant screen isn’t scrolling as I couldn’t find display setting to change the screen size.
Thanks a lot, until I have your suggestion I was using ‘query’ redirect using pipe and tee to file.