How to mix Sync Realm and total offline DB

Hi, i have a Xamarin Forms app.
This project have two distinct Realm project’s dependency.
One use Sync to user data, other only access offline db send with app.
Both are distinct separate c# projetcs, generating separated DLLs and referenced by Forms app.
But realms is trying to load schemes from second app that is offline to server.

Other thing is i using nuget for Realm 10.5.0 and in server log appears 10.4.1,

I turn off development mode.


Ending session with error: additive schema change: adding schema for Realm table “Dictionar”, additive changes from clients are restricted when developer mode is disabled (ProtocolErrorCode=225)


[ “Session was active for: 1s” ]



Session Metrics:

{ “uploads”: 1, “downloads”: 1 }

Remote IP Address:



Realm .NET v10.4.1

Platform Version:

Microsoft Windows

Per the docs:

To define the schema, you can specify the ObjectClasses property on the RealmConfiguration. If you omit this property, then all classes that inherit from RealmObject or EmbeddedObject are added to the schema automatically.

If you want your local and synced Realms to have different schema, then define ObjectClasses on their configuration objects.

Regarding using SDK 10.5.0, yet the logs showing 10.4.1, it’s likely because you only updated to 10.5.0 in you shared library, but didn’t update Realm in your application project.


Thanks @nirinchev , your tip solve this problem and solve a Git issue [Bug]: Obscure exception when opening a Realm with readonly: true and models mismatching the schema · Issue #2619 · realm/realm-dotnet · GitHub .

I can’t locate any reference to 10.4.1 all projects updated to 10.5.0


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