How to manage realm object in a hierarchy based system

I am new to realm and developing an app with realm sync. My app will have a Admin and his subordinates,
you can think Admin is the main user of the application and subordinates. Admin can add as many as subordinates as he wishes. Both Admin and their subordinates can create read objects. For example,
suppose their are two Two Admin which are two different users itself, lets name them Admin1 and Admin2,
Admin1 have his own team and Admin2 has his own, the data created by Admin1 and his subordinates will only be available to only them, and vice-versa for Admin2. But what I leaned regarding partition till now is not suitable for this situation because the data created by Admin1 is will not be available to his own team if I use UserId in the partition value, so how tackle this problem. One more thing is some data is public, means like some dropdown data will be available to all users like cities, states, gender and some are private. The Admin1 and his team you can say is one entity or company and Admin2 is different.
Admin1 and his team can view only their data and Admin2 and his team can only view their own.
I will highly appreciate the feedback. Realm is a great tool for the application using sync functionality and its easy too. Thanks