How to Load data into your sandbox cluster from Atlas

can anyone share the steps on how to Load data into your sandbox cluster from Atlas?

You are a little bit ahead of the course.

It is in Chapter 2 - Loading Data into Your Sandbox Cluster.

Hello Steve.
I have gone through chapter -2.

I am getting below error.

MongoDB Enterprise Sandbox-shard-0:PRIMARY> load(“loadMovieDetailsDataset.js”)
2020-04-25T20:45:19.738+0530 E QUERY [js] SyntaxError: unexpected token: ‘:’ :
2020-04-25T20:45:19.740+0530 E QUERY [js] Error: error loading js file: loadMovieDetailsDataset.js :
MongoDB Enterprise Sandbox-shard-0:PRIMARY>

Please enclose the file in double quotes

Then, why did you post your question under chapter 1?

Hi @Chiragkumar_Patel,

Were you able to load the dataset into your sandbox cluster ?

If not, then did you make any changes in the loadMovieDetailsDataset.js file ?

~ Shubham