How to launch MongoDB IDE?

Where do we download MongoDB IDE? And how do we launch MongoDB IDE?

As described, the IDE is integrated to the browser. There is nothing to download. Just go to the lab and you will find it.

What is the url of MongoDB IDE?

There is no specific URL. It is integrated within the course material.

I read and watched Chapter 0 labs; but, I still don’t know how to launch MongoDB IDE? I only see the labs show how to launch mongod in shell. Please shine some light. Thanks

Go through “Lecture: Navigating the In-Browser IDE” in “Chapter0: Introduction and Setup” once again.

If you go to any of the Lab exercises, you will find the In-Browser IDE there itself. No launching needed.

What does “From your IDE terminal …” mean? What’s an IDE terminal? How do we get to IDE terminal?

When you reach the Lab exercises you will find the terminal there itself in your screen.

I was reading the Lab exercise; but, I don’t see any IDE terminal launched from browser?

The screenshot put by Rati_Pillai is IDE
Can you see that when you start you lab?
It has different areas like editor,terminal,test results
Please explore
You should get it

IDE will be automatically started, when we start our lab. How do we start our lab?

I think they just recently added IDE into M001 course material. I just registered and retaking M001 this morning. Thanks, everyone for giving me help.

Hi @I-Jien_Kou,

Your doubts are clear now? If in case you still have any doubts then let us know.

~ Shubham

Thanks, Shubham. ~ I-Jien