How to know which "sync schema compatibility version" is linked to which SDK version?

When I tried to deploy a new version of my production app, I got the following error:

Increasing Minimum Required Protocol Version
The pending changes use newer data types which are not be supported on client apps built with older SDK versions. Client connections from SDKs that do not support these data types will be rejected upon connection. Are you sure you want to save changes?

minimum required protocol version increase change not allowed: will add new schema “…”, updating the sync schema compatibility version from 1 to 3, please ensure that you have updated to the most recent version of the client SDK

I understand, so to evaluate the impact of pushing this, I’d like to know which versions of my app will be broken, and so which SDK versions.

How to know from which SDK version the sync schema compatibility version is at least 3? I’m interested in Swift SDK specifically.

Hi, apologies, it definitely can be a bit hard to find. They were released so long ago that it might be worth considering removing the restriction. You can see here for the answer (Swift version 10.8.0) :


Perfect thanks a lot!

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