How to know which assignment due after final exam questions

I finshed all tickets and quizes and final exam questions. But it says it will be graded after problem is solved. On the page it says “Assignment Due”. I checked all the Tickets and quizes all are pass or correct. How to know what is meant by Assignment due or which assignment is pending.

your exam questions will be graded after due date only. keep calm and wait.
next date after due you will find out answers for the exam questions and hopefully a certificate.

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Thank you Yuri for the reply. The message on the questions is confusing. It says unlimited Attempts as if it is possible to change the answers. But that is not true.

i think you can change the answer as many times as you wish until deadline but you will not see the correct answer :frowning:

I agree that some of the MongoU messages can be improved.

However, it IS true that you have unlimited tries on the exam questions. You can keep changing them until the deadline passes.

You can always visit the “Progress” tab at the top of the course pages to see if you have submitted all required labs and questions.

Thank you for the replies.

  • I am able to change the answers. Since it is grayed out, I thought I can’t change it. But, when answer is changed, green button high lighted.
  • I looked at the progress , all are finished except “Final Exam Avg”, which is understandable. Interestingly it says “Assignment Due”. I guess, It doesn’t mean I haven’t finished assignment