How to know what has changed

Hello everyone,

Since I’m pretty new to the whole Realm concept it was just yesterday I got my notifications working. I’m working with Node.js

I was wondering if there is way to get more specific information about what was changed.

For example:
I have an array of objects. Each object has two key/value pairs. Now, when I change one of these values, is there a way to for example find out which one and on which index in the array?

I couldn’t find anything about that in the documentation, hence I’m hoping you might help out here. Even if it is not possible, then I know I can stop searching! :slight_smile:

Thanks and looking forward to any feedback!

The Realm Getting Started guide has a lot of examples and information about this topic. Specifically you should take a look at Notifications to be notified of object changes.

Are you storing your Realm objects in an Array? If so you may want to consider using a Realm Collection as that will work with Realm Notifications and will provide fine grained notifications about collection (List & Results) object changes.

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