How to kill auto mongod


There is no such thing as ‘auto mongod’.

You piped the output of ps into grep mongod. When ps is running grep is running. Since you grep for the string mongod you see the information of the grep process.

You may run ps -ef | grep mongod | grep -v grep to remove the grep command from the output.

Thank you steeve…i tried that command it worked…
But even though no background mongod is running,i am unable to connect to mongo shell from virtual box…please anyone solve my issue

Actually for the Lab-Change default dbPath…

  • I created directory using sudo command and gave right file permissions
    -modified my config file and thought of restarting mongod…but unable to connect to mongo
  • Please try to help me soon…i am unable to continue with remaining labs also…it’s not allowing to connect to mongo shell.

Hi Habeeba_Naaz_34696,

You need to start mongod on port 27000 before executing mongo command.

Please follow the lab instructions or go through the lecture again. Let me know if any step is unclear, I will be happy to explain.


Thank you for your reply…kanika
I started mongod successfully…
In another window

mongod --shutdown
mongod --config [config_file] --shutdown

Thank you it worked…