How to Install Mongo Shell in Windows system

How to Install Mongo Shell in Windows system

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Chapter 2: The MongoDB Query Language + Atlas

Installing the mongo Shell (Windows)

Hi @steevej-1495,

We have recently made some changes in M001 and now this lesson has been moved to Chapter 0.

Hi @Chaitanya_10612,

Did you follow the instructions mentioned in this lesson Chapter 0: Setup - Installing the mongo Shell (Windows) ?

~ Shubham

I don’t see Chapter 0 in the course list. Does it still exist?

Hey @Aaron_Casillas,

This particular thread is one and a half years old. The M001: MongoDB Basics has been revamped and the updated content is live on the university platform. If you have any problems while pursuing the updated course or have some related doubts please feel free to create a new post under the M001 subcategories. We will be happy to help!