How to install Enterprise server on MacOS with SSL support?


I am a Mac user. I just started the Chapter 2 and the tutorial for installing MongoDB shell was only for Mac. I am wondering can anyone provide steps on how to install in on Mac ? I saw there is option for choosing MacOS but without SSL support. Yet, in order to connect to Altas, we will need SSL support.

Please help, thanks in advance!

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I also use MacOS and I installed the only version that says (no ssl support), but it worked.

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I’m having the same issue. I used the no-ssl version but then I can’t get passed the loading data section. I got connected to the cluster and then I was stuck, any additional assistance would be appreciated.

I just installed homebrew and the xCode cli tools that come with it, and I’m thinking of attempting the install of the community version (which has ssl support) and following the upgrade process…

EDIT I downloaded the SSL version for the community version and then updated my path and I’m logged in… will continue to update…

EDIT I was able to complete the course using the Community version Download

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Hi @Joyce_03342 @Michael_95488,

Please download the MongoDB Enterprise Server. It comes with internal SSL support and will work fine throughout the course. You can refer to the following doc for instructions to install:

Install MongoDB Enterprise on macOS

I hope it solves the issue.