How to Insert Base64 image Data and Again Retrive back

We have a requirement that from the Mobile Application image Data will be send into the base64 format
we need to save this data in mongodb Realm database and then send this data to the other API for image processing .
Can anyone help us with an example

Hi @Niral_Jain, welcome to the community forum.

I did something similar for the iOS O-FISH app.

For that app, I stored the encrypted image in a synced Realm object. When the object was synced to the backend Atlas database, a trigger fires to send the image to an S3 bucket. I then removed the full-size image from the document and added the S3 URL. This has the advantage that you don’t need the mobile app to have an internet connection when the photo was added – it would just sync when you have a connection again. This article describes the process.

You could do something similar, using the Atlas trigger to send the image to your API?

Cheers, Andrew.