How to get/update/delete a user in a project's all deployment from ops manager api

as we need to clean up dozens of mongodb users in one projects from ops manager.
From the UI console, we normally need to 1. unsync the user (the page will load for 1 second), 2. confirm the unsync (page will load for 1 second), 3. review and deploy, 4. confirm and deploy. 5. then wait. (each step will take around seconds to load).
Say we have around 50 users, we at least need to do the above 1-2 steps for 50 times.

We’ve spotted that opsmanager provide the api functions, but seems from the Deployment , Projects and Users, and Orgnaziation user related, seems they are ALL referring to ops manager’s user, not the user under the mongodb cluster that it’s managing.

Is there any api endpoint for such cases?

Thanks very much.