How to get the mongo shell up and running after a mongod precess has started?

Hi , I have started a mongod process by typing mongod in IDE .The mongod process has started . I want to get the mongo shell up and running, I have typed “mongo” to connect mongo shell to my mongo process and to get the command prompt “>” . It didn’t work. I like to practice what the lecturer said about :

db.createCollection(“employees”) and >use admin and >dbshutdownServer and
exit but : 1- how can I get the command prompt?
2- If I want to continue to use terminal, I need to open a new window
how can I do that?

Hi @farideh_gorji ,

To help you we need more information. These are a few useful things for now and future posts:

  • Include a screenshot of what you see when typing mongod, and when typing mongo in the cli. This is, 2 screenshots, one of each command + output.
  • Maybe tell us which system are you using
  • other info you think is worth to include.

Waiting for your answer.

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