How to get the CurrentUser in .Net?

From your documentation

Retrieve the Current User

Once you have an authenticated user, you can retrieve the User object with the App.CurrentUser property.

Your class reference says the same thing :

But there’s no CurrentUser property there. What’s the correct way to get CurrentUser?

Similarly to your other question, this is a matter of using the correct namespace. If you scroll toward the top of the API docs, you can see the namespace in which the App class is located:

And again, if you already have an App class defined in a different namespace, you can use the fully qualified name for the Realm one:

var currentUser = Realms.Sync.App.CurrentUser;

@nirinchev no, CurrentUser is not a static function so it can’t be call like that.

Will need an instance of Realms.Sync.App like this

var app = Realms.Sync.App.Create(new AppConfiguration("ID"));
var user = app.CurrentUser;

The documentation should be write more careful.

Good point, we’ll update the docs.