How to get authcode and tokenId for google signup

im like really new to mogodb so pardon the newbie question.

anyways so im trying to implement google signup in my flutter project ive tried this with next js and it works using “{ redirectUrl })” but in flutter sdk i cant find rather theres “googleAuthCode(authCode)” and “googleIdToken(idToken)” which i dont really understand how to get so itll be help to get bit guidence.


Here is the some key points which help you.

Add Dependencies: Add firebase_core, firebase_auth, and google_sign_in to your pubspec.yaml.
Configure Firebase: Set up Firebase, download google-services.json, and place it in android/app.
Initialize Firebase: Initialize Firebase in your main Flutter file.
Implement Google Sign-In: Use google_sign_in to handle sign-in, then authenticate with Firebase using firebase_auth.

Hope this will help you.
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