How to enable development mode using App Services Admin API?

I try to create realm app with flexible sync type using App Services Admin API. I created it. But I have a problem when created. I want to enable development mode. Then I passed this one in json format.

> “development_mode_enabled” : true,

But development mode not enabled.
Can I enable that development mode using App Services Admin API?

Hi Salitha,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

Are you doing this through the POST /apps api?
I don’t believe this is possible with the admin api, would you be able to use realm-cli instead?


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Thanks for reply my question.

Yes. I did it through POST method.

I can create using realm-cli.
But I want to do it using admin api.
Because I want do that in server side.

You can use this endpoint.

PUT "/groups/{groupId}/apps/{appId}/sync/config"

with this payload

{ development_mode_enabled: true }
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Hi Isuru,

It is generally not recommended to use this API since you may make a mistake in including all the configurations that are required of development mode/sync, for instance your payload does not have a database_name property included which is required when turning this feature on in the UI.

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