How to do and where to do mangodb dump

Hi All, I am newly learning Mangodb. I am following
I try to do mangodb dump as reference of below screen. But I am getting confuse where can I execute below comment .

I executed this comment via Mango db terminal.

mongoexport --uri=“mongodb+srv://”


I tried mangodb terminal its shown erro
mongoexport --uri=“mongodb+srv://”

its showing below error

Also this sample_supplies db availble in my Atlas window.

what is the issue? How can I do mangodb dump. Any one help me. Thanks

Run the command from os prompt.You are running it at mongo prompt.

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Ram Actually this is my exact question, I want to do get answer for this question. So I want get response from my Atals. So I dnt know exactly , I need to execute above mentioned import/export operation then find answer for this question.

HI Now I understand Ram. I got the exact place . Thanks