How to do a $in -> $or -> array in a $and pipeline?

I use the latest MongoDB Community version on Debian VPS with PHP driver and library.
I have the folliowing aggregration filter array:

$filters = [
      '$and' => [
          ["account_id" => ''.$visual_acc_id.''],
          ["event_date" => array('$gte' => $date_from, '$lte' => $date_till)],
          ["type" => $values['type']],
          ["del" => 0],
          ["brow" => ['$in' => $brow]],
          ["dev" => ['$in' => $dev]],
          ["os" => ['$in' => $os]],
          ["width" => ['$lte' => $width]],
          ["height" => ['$lte' => $height]],
          ["cn" => ''.$country.''],
          ["uc" => ''.$utm_c.''],
          ["us" => ''.$utm_s.''],
          ["tags" => ['$in' => $values['filter-tag']]],
          ["page" => $pageRegex],
          ["ref" => $referRegex]

I need all fields to match together, therefore the $and.
It works great for fields that have a single value.
But some field have arrays/object and in that case i need to perform a $or for them.
In this case the $tags field. It contains an array with values 3 and 37 (in the $values[‘filter-tag’] variable).
Right now it will only find docs that have both tags, but for this field it should be or 3 or 37.

So how do i keep the general $and, but for the tags field it needs to be an $or.
Any help is much appreciated!

UPDATE: found the issue, PHP was sending string integers, with inval() they were turned into actual integers and then it worked.