How to delete a topic I posted in this forum


I need to delete a topic I posted on this forum as per my company’s legal team. Can you please help me how to do it. I did not find any option to delete it.


Looks like I’m able to delete this post. Probably the other post I’m unable to delete could have been posted by me as guest. Is there a way we can delete topics I posted as guest?

Hi @Ranjith_chevanan,

I have deleted your topic as requested. Unless otherwise indicated, discussion in the community forums is publicly visible so you should definitely avoid posting any confidential log files or information.

Flagging posts for moderator review is the best way to bring a post to the attention of the moderation team.

For general questions about the forum, please use the Site Feedback category for faster response. I noticed this topic was posted in the Welcome category (for new user introductions), so I updated the category.

Your original topic was posted in June and had replies from other users, so deletion required moderator assistance. There are also some limits on topic editing and deletion by accounts with low trust levels which are (unfortunately) required for mitigating some spammer activity.


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