How to customize the access of organization in Atlas?


I want to give Project access (Project Read Only) to a user in Atlas.

When I give a Project access (Project Read Only) to a User it gives by default that Organization access (Organization Member) to that user.

When I remove a user from the Organization Access it removes from the Project Access.

It is okay but why it shows the below access to that user of my organization?

  • Activity Feed (Organization): It shows my organization’s details to that user, including invoice and billing and all projects.


  • Access Manager (Organization): It shows all the users of my organization.


  • Activity Feed (Project): It shows all the activities of the project, I understand this I have given the project access so it will show activity.

  • Access Manager (Project): It shows all the users of my project.

I don’t want to show the above details to a user who has access to only a Project.

Is there any way to customize this access?

List of Available Organization Access


List of Available Project Access


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Hello, welcome to the community.

There is currently no way to customize these roles. You can try to request some resources for this at the following link:

Look this Granular Permissions – MongoDB Feedback Engine

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