How to create a api key from the client side and see it on the APP user?

I am trying to create a registration but I want to use API key authentication how can I do that in the client side. I am using JavaScript SDK.

@Aaron_Parducho : Thanks for reaching out to the community. I would be great if you add to more description to problem so that anyone can answer to your query.

How can I manage registering user on the Client side. I want to use apiKey Authentication not username and password. Every user will have apiKey

Hey @Aaron_Parducho - we don’t support API key auth from the SDKs, as API key isn’t typically used for frontend/client apps. You could build an admin app with the Admin API for API Keys and have your client use the admin app to build some logic around API keys.

we don’t support API key auth from the SDKs

I’m confused, doesn’t Realm support using API credentials?

I’m also looking to have a unique API key for each user, but I’m running issues.