How to copy Result<> if I want to save previous objects, o achieve something like 'changelog'

Hi there,

I have a quesiton that how could I make a copy from an Results ?

Imagine I have ‘RealmOrder’ types and have

let rlmOrders = realm.objects(RealmOrder.type)

the order is sent from server and I write them into Realm.

I have a notify token on rlmOrders, so I always get the latest data on rlmOrders, but I want to save the previous rlmOrders so I can achieve something like change log, for example, the order state change from ‘created’ to ‘cancelled’,

so in my view it will display some UI like “created”-> “cancelled” to highlight the change of the order.

What’s the best way or easiest way to do this? Thank in advance.