How to connect two collection in flutter realm flexible sync

‘’‘select * from tbl_outlets_master_185 where country = “UAE” and city=“Abu Dhabi” and active=‘yes’ and outlet_code NOT in (SELECT outlet_code from tbl_asngd_templates_185) and (strftime(’%Y-%m-%d’, scheduled_date) <= DATE(‘now’)) and (strftime(‘%Y-%m-%d’, scheduled_to_date) >= DATE(‘now’))
i need to convert flutter realm query language. Just give your idea to convert this one
my tried query
‘’‘clientId == “$clientId” AND country == “${[“country”]}” AND
city == “${[“city”]}” AND active == “yes” AND ‘outlet_code’ IN $outletCodeList AND
scheduled_date <= $formatDate AND
scheduled_to_date >= $formatDate’‘’);

If you wanna connect 2 collections into one app then open to synced realm or you can use disconnect d sync