How to connect to M320 sample data base via Compass

I found that in M001 Basic, there is Connection string to connect to test data.

Is there any connection string to connect to weather data show in lecture “Identifying the workload.”

It been a year, I just came back to learn modelling.


If you are able to connect to your sandbox cluster and sample data is loaded you should be able to connect to sample_weatherdata
What all DBs you see in your present state?

I CAN SEE only Video Database

What connect string you used?
You must be referring to the old class cluster
What are the instructions given in your data modelling course?
Do you have sandbox cluster?
If yes load the sample data
After that you should be able to see sample_training,sample_weather etc

This how my connection strings looks like:


Is this correct?

In my data modelling course, there is no instruction to connect to M320 until chapter 2.

Yes the connect string looks fine
The video DB you are seeing must be loaded with loadMovieDetailsDataset.js (old course)
Which DB/collection you are looking for?
As i mentioned before you need to load sample DBs in your Sandbox cluster
You can do this from your Atlas

I see it now, thank you so much