How to connect MongoDB Atlas to App?

How can I retrieve data from MongoDB Atlas to an App developed in Dart & Flutter? Or can a link to documentation be provided. Thanks

Hi An_19003,

Here is a detailed explanation written here:

Let me know if you need more help.


Does it have to connect through NodeJS or one of the other drivers, and not possible to connect directly from flutter ?

Here I found one link useful for the connection setup:

Also, other applications are to use android/ios sdks for client libraries, so the stitch client libraries should work.

Let me know what exactly do you require and if the first link works for you.


I was looking to connect MongoDB Atlas database with a Flutter App.

I am not much familiar with flutter. Do you think this will help?

Let me know.


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I will give it a try. Thank you.

Wow. I am also a flutter app developer and I am having the same doubt too. Thanks for the questions and I think I have got some answers from Kanika.