How to configure mongo trigger for dev and prod cluster using Nodejs?

How to configure mongo trigger for dev and prod cluster using Nodejs ?

I have some query regarding mongodb trigger. I have 2 cluster - ( DEV and PROD ) I want to create 2 trigger 1 for dev and 1 for prod. By default - I see Dev and Prod are getting selected under link data source, and it is disable I am not able to uncheck it.

I know I can remove linked data source from — App service —> Triggers —> Manage triggers.

But this is not the solution. Please help me. Do I need to create all together diff account for DEV and Prod ? I don’t think so it is the feasible solution.

I am pulling the data from 1 collection and inserting to another collections.

What is happening now - Pull the data from dev - but it is inserting to prod and dev both cluster. Because both are tagged to it.

More details Here is the code -

// register activity

exports = async function(changeEvent) {
    try {
      const sourceDatabase = "Abcd"; // Source database
      const targetDatabase = "Abcd"; // Target database
      const targetCollectionName = "activities"; // Target collection name
      // Get references to the MongoDB collections in both databases
      const sourceCollection =;
      const targetDB =;
      if (changeEvent.operationType === "insert") {
        // Insert event: replicate the user document to the Activity collection
        const userDocument = changeEvent.fullDocument;
        console.log("User Document:", JSON.stringify(userDocument));
        if (userDocument.custom && userDocument.custom.role === "customer") {
            // Transform the user data to match the Activity schema
            const activityData = {
              user: userDocument._id, // Reference to the User
              userId: userDocument.sub,
              activities: {
                premiumPlan: false,
                firstVideoWatched: false,
                currentVideo_3days_WatchStreak: 0, // Updated field name
                longestVideo_7days_WatchStreak: 0, // Updated field name
                animalExpertCount: 0,
                categoryExperts: [],
            try {
              const targetCollection = targetDB.collection(targetCollectionName);
              // Insert the transformed data into the Activity collection
            } catch(err) {
              console.log("error performing mongodb write: ", JSON.stringify(err));
    } catch(err) {
      console.log("error performing mongodb write: ", err.message);

I think its a mongo db bug

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