How to configure mobile alerts when mongodb replica or instance down


I am looking to configure mobile alert if mongodb instance/replica down.

Sreedhar Y

Hi @Sreedhar_Y,

If this is for an Atlas cluster, please review the following documentation:

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Jason. It’s not Atlas cluster.

Sreedhar Y

Hi @Sreedhar_Y

Monitoring tools may or may not include mobile alerts or may be limited to just SMS. Most will have integrations to Instant Messaging platforms(Slack/MS Teams). Often for notifications you will want to integrate a feature rich tool to support on-call rotations and escalations such as PagerDuty or OpsGenie.

I have had good success monitoring MongoDB with Datadog paired with OpsGenie

MongoDB has a list of SaaS monitoring tools that you could look at. There are many self hosted platforms that will have a MongoDB plugin/integration; Zabbix, Prometheus, Nagios to name a few common ones.