How to check Data modification Source

how to check Data modification Source
Example :- In My case I want to create Diff between API end point call vs Direct access for collections, So basically I want to check Source of call for Collections(API, Direct)
Please suggest me if there is any possible mechanism.

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There is nothing built in for your use case.

Most of us do not want to have to have performance penalty to have mongo keep track of that.

It is easy to add a field when you insert documents in your collection. But what ever field you use in your API to identify the source, a good hacker can easily update any document with said field to mimic an API change in order to cover its track.

As per your other post

it seems you have people that have write access to your database that wreck havoc with your data. Random people should not have direct write access to your database and the security model of mongo Atlas allows a fine grain control of who does what.

Hi @steevej ,
Thank you for your Quick response . can we achieve this type of Use case using any other technique .


Not that I know. We just have to wait and see if someone share something.