How to Build CI/CD for MongoDB Realm Apps with Bitbucket or Circle CI?

Hi everyone!
I want to build a CI/CD for my realm app using bitbucket pipeline or Circle CI, Is it possible to do that atm? Could someone share with me some references about this?

Hey Tai!

I don’t know of any specific examples for Bitbucket/CircleCI but you can certainly integrate Realm into your CI/CD workflows.

Check out our docs page Set up a CI/CD Pipeline, which covers what you need at a high level, as well as the blog post How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for MongoDB Realm Apps Using GitHub Actions which builds a full pipeline for a real app. The blog post uses GitHub Actions which is fundamentally the same as the CI options you mentioned, though of course with some differences.

Hopefully these are a good base to get you started! If you end up setting up CI/CD for Realm in one of the options you mentioned then we’d love to hear about how you did it! I’d also love to learn more about any issues or snags you hit along the way so that we can improve our docs.

Thank you for your response!

I will check them out